Here is my review of the new Beelink GK Mini Intel Mini PC. I look at it from a users perspective with a quick unboxing then various different tests. Such as would the GKmini be a good budget gaming pc, would it be good for office work, 4K video playback, emulation, etc.
If you want to know if the Beelink GKmini is worth buying or you’re looking to buy 1 but want to see an honest review first, this video should be perfect for you.

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0:00​ – Intro
0:38 – GKmini Unboxing
1:27 – Launching Intel Mini PC
2:14 – 4K Video Test On YouTube
3:29​ – Using Word
3:48 – Running Bluestacks on Mini PC
4:41 – Gaming Test On GKmini
7:16 – My Opinion & Price
8:08 – Let’s Crack On Rating, Outro & Bloopers

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  1. Bluestacks needs a GPU benchmark of >= 750. The Beelink uses an Intel UHD 600 with a bench mark of 333. If you want to combine Win 10 and Android as I have, you need to research the CPU and GPU before buying. I have no issues with my Minis Forum U800 but both exceed the Bluestacks minimum requirements.

    It is nice to have Win and Android access in one computer. All the streaming services are much nicer on a Windows browser. In fact, all browsers are nicer on the Win system as compared to their Android versions. Having Android apps available as well just makes it a great way to have an "All in One".

  2. that box makes me 200 quid..its says easy to carry around ect…and then yer got to get keyboard and mouse..thats another 50…try carrying those around as well…so for 200 buy a decent laptop with better specs even a chrome book..and a hdmi lead..hey presto..better already…even just buy a andriod box for much less…and theres a home office already with the apps you get on that…dont know what it is with mini pc manufacturers ..its not as if the hardware is massive in normal pcs..that they cant bring out a cheap decent specs one…hey its a small box..might be hey come pay moreπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚