📺 Kodi 19 build 2021 *NEW* – Xenon Diggz build for Kodi 19 – Working Kodi 19 build gets leaked 📺

In this video we will go over how to install the newest Kodi 19 build that has been released. Since my last video a lot of people have been saying that it is no longer available. Kodi 19 repos right now could go down and back up at any point so I wanted to give another kodi 19 working build. In this video we go over how to install the Diggz Xenon build that has been around for a long time. This is the easiest Kodi 19 tutorial available right now for working addons and builds.

0:00 The video Begins
Kodi 19 Xenon build 0:20
Installing Kodi 19 2:29
Loading Xenon Repo 4:25
Installing Diggz Xenon build 8:00
First impressions of Kodi 19 build 10:35

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  1. Mine installed but sadly it's not the 'Xenon" build which what I am looking for. Another thing is, it's not connecting…I let it do its usual thing after first running it for nearly 15 minutes but it's still not connecting. Am kinda regretting why I upgraded my Kodi 19 now….my 18 was working just fine with Xenon running on it. Thanks all the same.

  2. Only could go up to the chef install window. We requested the chef matrix /builds, but got a different window with in three builds none which were "chef builds" like on your install video. Anyone else not get the screen with the different chef matrix builds available. Or if you have a solution to this quandary? Please let us know. Thanks