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  1. the crew is solid – nolimits builds will allow the repo install BUT won't allow to run the addon like most other independent 3rd party addons- so, i dropped nolimits and use a different build – on the other hand many/most scrapes are torrent paid links which SUX cuz they won't connect – also…cCloud is back up and running and was shocked the list didnt have venom

  2. I uninstalled and then reinstalled my Kodi yesterday, and installed Venom & Fen. Neither one would work, somebody told me that you have to have real debrid for those two add ons to work. So I installed the crew & Sky Net and they work great. But before I uninstalled my Kodi I had Venom & Fen, both were working great, but they had a new update and I couldn’t get them to work. Do you know if this is true that you have to have real debrid for those 2 add ons now? Thank you for your help. I am now going to Install Tempest & Clicksville. By the way, great video! Thank you again for your help. 👍🏻🍻

  3. Hey mate you need to check out Seren addon if you haven't already! It's the best debrid addon out there IMO, if you set it up correctly. Match it up with TMDB helper and you have all you need! Heavily dependent on Real Debrid & Trakt integration though

  4. I'v been having trouble with venom lately, I do have real-debrid and I still don't have any links, I went into my manage my depen/and resolverurl/reinstalled my real-debrid account and still nothing even on my networks don't come in anymore, clicksville works great for me to, What is the best build for debrid?? I'v been using the diamond and a few others that do ok, thanks brother