The Average U.S. Cable Bill Now Exceeds $200/Month

Are you still one of the thousands paying a hefty cable bill every month? Has your bill amount increased overtime?
The average cable bill for U.S. consumers is much higher than you may think, and it’s getting worse.
In a recent report from Decision Data, the following statistics were found:
Average U.S. household cable package exceeds $217 per month
Average U.S. household spends about $205 per month on major utilities combined (water, gas, electricity, garbage, etc.)
The average cost of a standard cable package in the U.S. continues to rise every year
As you can see based on these numbers, the average cable bill in the U.S. exceeds the price of most other household utilities COMBINED.
To put this in an annual context, this means that the average U.S. cable customer is paying over $2,600 per year!
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These statistics aren’t surprising to us, as we’ve touched on this increasing U.S. cable bill issue in the past:
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As times are getting tougher due to recent events (COVID-19), many are looking to cut costs.
Ditching an expensive cable bill for cheaper alternatives is a great way to cut expenses, and we want to help.

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What do you think of the average U.S. cable bill continuing to rise? Are you impacted by these increasing rates?
Are you ditching your cable bill to cut costs, especially during these difficult times?
Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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