PROGO TV IPTV Review – New IPTV Service With Free Trial Available on over 8,000 Channels


📍 Free Trials Available Monday – Thursday Only.

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  1. Was confusing to get the free trial. They send you an email (of about 3)asking you to set up an account to a media server. Thinking this is what I had to do, I emailed for help and was asked to call. I called and got someone I could hardly hear and seemed like he was trying to do 12 things at once. Very disappointing.

  2. Hello no this is not NITRO rebranded .. I’m on the trail right now and wow very impressed… it has lots of content like NITRO very clear HD like nitro.. but have not have no buffering at all so far … with nitro I would get lots of buffering …. thanks for the videos @BigCiga4 yes it’s on the higher end of price compared to other services but.. If it keeps on good for the rest of my train I’m going sign up …