Episode 3 of Kodi Tries is here! We brought out the artistic side of Kodi with his awesome effort into finger painting. This is even more special because for people with autism and visual impairment, there is a tactile defensiveness that they spend their whole life working on. This has been a challenge for Kodi and he dove into it head first with enthusiasm and courage! So this activity was both therapeutic and fun. Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. This young man can play the piano at professional level,……. Why does he need someone to hold his hands πŸ™Œ and guide him like a child ? Super confusing. We can’t see all of HIS true talents with someone doing the driving. Blind partial blind. No matter. What can he create on his OWN ???

  2. What a great idea! Kodi did a great job! I think if would be fun to do a clay sculpture exercise and have him sculpt either an animal or maybe one of his family's faces by feeling of it. Would be a lot of laughs but he might be able to do a really good job. Would be fun to see!