WildzTV IPTV Service


Cost: 1 Month 5 Devices $24.99
3 Months 5 Devices $74.97
6 Months 5 Devices $142.94
1 Year 5 Devices $290.00

WildzTV uses the NEW Nora Go app titled ISG GO and available in Google Play Store ( for Android users and in iTunes App Store ( for Apple users (including Apple TV).

ISG GO app is the newest app on the market and is the new NORA GO (just as SoPLayer uses the Nora Go platform).

Live TV, sports packages , adult channels, PPV events, and much much more. Adding more content and channels daily. (VOD) Section we are adding to daily and our SERIES is coming.

Use the new Provider ID 444.

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  1. It says no IP lock but in the way it is unless you use your mobile device you can't have it on multiple fire sticks and transport the fire stick to a different up address (say you were going to a friend's house to watch the fight ..you can't use this service ..it won't work….No Showtime in in movie channels as well……this service is just sad