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This is a need update for Vidmix works awesome just like Kodi with Seren or Cinema APK, you are going to be really happy with this one.

This is just as good as:
Cinema APK

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  1. Yo dude, why do keep trying to force ip vanish on ppl??? Everybody in the fucking world knows about it , but you make it a point to showcase it on every damn video. Your the only YouTuber doing it , I’m assuming your getting money from it, but your also losing viewers, as you can obviously tell.

  2. Updated NO. This Has To Be The Worst Apk In The World. When You Open It, It Just Shows A Screen With A Rocket On It Saying New Version v2.5.0828 And It Never Updates Or Lets You In. It Does Absolutely Nothing But Show You A Picture Of A Rocket. I’ve Clicked Everywhere On The Screen And Nothing Happens.

    I Really Love How You Infect Your Videos With Your Link To Ipvanish Making People Believe They Need A VPN And Your Discount Link To Ipvanish If Clicked On, Pays You How Much Money ?

  3. I understand you get a cut from anyone who signs up to ipvanish and that's why you do a hard sell every video. However after using ipvanish for 2 years I can honestly say it is pretty limited in its servers available to you and it's speeds suck in comparison to even a few free vpns. I am using Surfshark at the moment and it is way cheaper than ipvanish and I get more or less full speed for $2 pm. As for the apps shown in this video. Just okay. Nothing special.

  4. I think falling and everybody's different stores and all that's awesome thing I wanted to let you know just in case you promote or say about the watched APK they are starting to charge people they let you watch 30 minutes and then they have this bad thing come up and cut you out of the TV show that you're watching and want you to pay 1995 e u r r e u or whatever with equals to 23 US dollars when it was promoted as free just wanted to let you know so you can warn people about that it's turned into a paid service which if $23 here $20 there $15 there you might as well pay for cable