want the best streaming available… This Misfit mods build or any one of the other Misfit mods builds with my complete Fire TV bully set up is the best set up in the world for all devices… factory reset your device and follow the complete setup videos for your type of device oh… Then install this or one of the other Misfit mods builds..

for Fire TV stick… Just went back to my old ways complete setup videos… Everything you need in one video oh… So for Fire TV devices like the following link…

for Android devices… This next link is for the quick jailbreak and speed up your Android device… after this quick video, follow the links in the description or just follow the Fire TV link above… Just install all the same stuff from the Fire TV video above… But this is how you jailbreak and speed up your Android device and give you access to the app store for any APK in existence in all versions of Kodi as well as Misfit mods Kodi Forks

you guys are always asking why I don’t attach my PayPal for donations… I do this to help you guys so I feel like if I did that, I would be a hypocrite! however, I would like to start posting the misfit mods PayPal… Our fearless leader Jeremy doesn’t use it for anything personal… Every bit of the money is used for making sure we can continue to deliver the best Kodi builds as well as helps people out in the time of need… a couple months ago, some of the money was used to get one of our members a new laptop… It’s also and used to help members with rent and other personal problems… Every bit of it goes to a good cause and that being said, if you want to donate a buck or two… Or help out in any way… Click the following link…

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  1. Hey Dennis Love your tutorials bro! Keep up the Good Work, Love the builds & got my Dad hooked on your Guys builds as well he’s a old school movie & tv series guy like welcome back kotter & the old westerns and b&w classics which build would u recommend? BTW can u please explain what exactly HQ enablers actually does to say for example my 4K FireStick I put mine to 50?