IPTV App for Apple TV (4th Generation), the design and features of this App still outshines anything currently available for IPTV on the Apple TV, iPlayTV is the closest competitor but it looks dated in comparison to IPTVX.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Sponsor – Feizlink Capture Card
1:09 Setup IPTX
1:59 VOD layout
2:38 Live TV Layout
3:07 Live TV Preview
3:30 Video Player
3:39 TV Guide
3:58 Siri Integration
4:14 Search
4:29 Google News Outro

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  1. Hi, what IPTV service do you recommend where I can get UK, PPV and sports content , record with Tivimate with no issues and get subtitles. I've tried the following services but had issues:
    – Apollo Group TV
    – IPTV marvel
    – currently trailing Best-IPTV-UK
    Would appreciate your help on this

  2. I’m having issues with program. At first it loads pictures for the movies. Now it only shows for series. Second issue is that it displays all my channel and not sorting then in different “folders” I have a lot of channels. Also I don’t find a option to favorite my channels.

  3. Just subscribed to iptvx, paid the $ for the upgrade. Also paid for iconic streams. Nothing works. No movies or tv shows, and the live tv, every channel says there is a problem loadin video. On every single channel, so annoying. I’ve messaged both Matteo at iptvx and iconic streams, and no help. About to put a dispute in with my credit card and apple

  4. Hello, how do I pay for a 1 year iconic streams sub via PayPal? I’m not willing to provide all of my personal detail, address, card number with exp date and CVV to some random agents. No reply from them yet. Is there a different way (maybe a bank account) to pay?