This is my review of My Home Theater IPTV which is a paid service for $18 US/1 month and included VOD. They also offer a 6 month package for $38 US with VOD. After purchase, credentials are emailed within 2 hours, but quicker in most cases. There are 4 connections included with either package and no IP lock, so it can be used on mobile devices or shared. This service has been online for over 4 years so you know it’s stable. Payments can be made via Paypal, Cashapp or invoice. They offer over 2500 channels including PPV, , Adult, major sports packages for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, XFL, NCAA, and footy, and 5000 movies and 5000 TV Series. Worldwide coverage for US, UK, Canada, Latino, Brazil, Korea, Philippines, Norway, Australia, Africa, India, Caribbean, China, France, Germany, and much more including a large selection of 24/7 channels. You can use this service on mobile devices, Amazon Fire Stick, Android box, Nvidia Shield, and even iOS devices. They have a Filelinked store and offer a free trial as well for the service.

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  1. Hi Kevin: I have another problem with HT. I was impressed with the trial subscription and subsequently attempted to go for the 6 month package. When subscribing I made an error and entered the one month package for US$18.00 and paid with Paypal. Unable to correct the mistake,
    I got Paypal to forward another US$20.00, bringing the total to US$ 38.00 which covers the cost of the 6 month package.For 5 consecutive days I have sent them Tickets asking them for a correction on my mistake. Each response I receive covers another matter but not the monetary one. I feel that they have taken advantage of an 82 year old person. What is your opinion Kevin ?

  2. Hey Kevin, great videos as always . Keep up the great work
    Not sure if it's come to your attention about the exousia app which has stopped. But in its place , they developed Media Lounge. Many great features and live channels. Something to review if not already

  3. @Kevin Porteuos. I am finding you content very useful. Keep up the great work! Having recently cutting the cord and testing out a few providers. I got a trial with HT this week. Liked it and purchased 6 months for 25$ to get going this weekend. That was 24hrs ago. I have not received any details. No mail in my SPAM either. Wondering how long these guys take? Tried emailing them as well, with proof of payment sent to them. Any insight?

  4. Hi Kevin: (UPDATE) It appears that "Home Theater" hasn't responded to you and my last email (Ticket) of 4 days ago. Since they only accepted my subscription for 1 month and I overpaid them by $20.00, I believe that I am due a refund in that amount. Since there is a lack of response from "HT", on the advice of PayPal, I sent an email to them requesting a refund. Failure to comply PayPal will intercede on my behalf.

  5. Keep up the good work, thanks! is there any other way to get in touch with their support team- i have now send several emails, opened tickets on their website & still no response after subscribing to their six month plan . Thanks again – always great content!

  6. Hi Kevin, (UPDATE) Just received acknowledgement from HT that all has been corrected and my 6 month subscription has been accepted thanks to your intercession . The quality of the iptv service
    and all the channels provided are great. I owe you my gratitude.Keep up the good work. The info that you provide us on a regular basis is outstanding. Many thanks again Kevin. Ted.

  7. $38 for 6 mos. is great, if the service will hang in there. $18 for one month is not great, sorry. Honestly, cut out the movie and tv vod, charge $10 or $12 a month, I would be happy. I have liked this, the customer service in my experience was responsive, but I think it is too much cost for a month. I may take a leap and go for the 6 mo., not sure. Thanks, again, K.

  8. Just paid for the 6 months subscription. Still waiting for my login and password. 3 hours and 30 mins and counting. Sent them 2 emails one when I sent my payment and another to inquire what is taking so long. Might have to pass on this one. Good thing I used PayPal.

  9. I have used this for a month, and like it. NOTE: Something new on their web site-6 mo., 2 connections for $25! Now that is hard to beat. Still have the 6 mo. for $38, 4 connections. Great also. I have been checking out about 6 services for a month, and this is my top 1 or 2. No, I don't have anything to do with them, just trying to help out. Peace.

  10. I tried the free trial. Itls good. Most channels are HD with solid connections. Movies were in HD. Some Filipino channels didn't work. I might get this one. Will they update XFL to NFL later? Will they add a PPV section for the PPV events? How does this service compare to Vigilante iptv?

  11. Anyone else recently purchased this iptv service? I watched this video early this morning around 2:30 ish and thought it looked good and good deal for 6 months. I've yet to receive any login information. I've emailed twice because the first time i forgot to include screenshot of paypal payment..

  12. I paid for the 2 connection 6 months for 25.00 and I have not heard a word from these people. This is by far the worst IPTV experience I have ever had. The rest email the info you need within minutes. I filed a dispute on Paypal. I see others had this issue as well. If you are going to try and run a business then you need to take care of you customer base. This place should not be reviewed in a positive way. I would strongly suggest anyone to look elsewhere and save your self the headache of playing the waiting game.

    I need to retract my original post, they not only made it right they gave me a free month for the wait. 25.00 for 7 months you can't beat that with a stick. So far service has been spot on. I apologize to the company for my complaint and I would recommend them esp at this price