Wise Guys IPTV Service Review – Catch Up – 24/7 – USA , Canada, UK, and Latino



$10.00 per month – 2 Connections
$18.00 per month – 4 Connections

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  1. Was waiting until a service I had timed out to try this one. They used to have a link on their web page to content and gave a channel list link. Not there anymore and support to ask questions looks like only available after sign up. Has something changed with these guys in the last few weeks? Why would you take down the link to channels you have?

  2. Thanks Michael B! Already have S4Us so dont want to pay more for the same. Wanted because had Quantum Leap in 24/7, S4Us has also but just replays 1st episode over and over. Was looking for a service with specific 24/7 channels and QL was one of them