USA PrimeTV Service Review – 24 Hour Test Line Available! – VOD Included!



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  1. Contacted these guys over a week ago, NOTHING. Contacted them 24 hours ago , and again nothing. No Test lines offered. Mmmmm, They do mail a receipt , but that's all
    I'm seriously looking for an IPTV service with a lot of good USA Channels.Guess it's not gonna be USA Prime.

  2. I'm presently enjoying a free trial of USA Prime TV using an Amazon Firestick 4K hardwired with an ethernet adapter on a 4K UHD TV.
    The first thing that caught my eye was the clean, not under done or over done, very clean main screen at log in.
    Next was the high quality imagery, and the EPG is accurate.
    All of LIVE TV channels that one would need are there.
    Favoriting Channels that I like to watch was done with ease.
    You can watch all local channels in every state.
    24/7 TV gives you over 110 TV shows to binge out on.
    24/7 Movies is like a Box Set repository to binge out on too.
    Sports categories are all on point with Multi-screen display ability for the true Sports Fan.
    There are plenty of backup channels for most networks.
    The Kids Network channels will make great babysitters.
    Clicking into Movies from the main screen, there's offerings from the Action, Year categories, Musicals, Stand Up, Concerts, Documentaries, to Westerns and War genres, and everything in between, all with the ability to be added to your Favorites.
    Yes, this IPTV has a really nice interface, and with all it has to offer from content, a versatile settings menu, customer support, and the overall look after you get it customized for your personal use, is great whether you navigate to your favorites by way of the Live TV button at log in or by way of the Live With EPG button, it's your choice how you'd like it to display.
    USA Prime TV can replace a cable company, hands down, no problem.
    Check them out on Facebook.

  3. I signed up for the free trial which is now 48 hours. After getting set up I decided to try their movies. Unfortunately, every one was 720 or less. This was the same on the TV part of the service as well. I know I am spoiled as the majority of services I have used have been at least 1080p. I find it very difficult to watch 720 on a 75 inch screen. All of the content is there as stated in your video. The price is $20 per month or $45 for 3 months with 1 connection…Thanks for the work you do. It is very helpful.