Hi guys and welcome to FireTVSticks. Today we’ve got a great IPTV service to show you and it’s called Rocket IPTV.

This one is really great for the US, Mexico, Canada and Latin American market and if you want to join me in taking a look into what this service has to offer then stay tuned.


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  1. Seriously I love your channel but Rocket IPTV is the worst. Movies kept buffering and live tv kept freezing. I have a very fast internet connection so that’s not the issue. Oh well, the search continues for the best IPTV. Thank goodness they offer a free trial.

  2. Wel presented (as usual)…like how they put it..17000 tv show EPISODES…if u aint read good u will think its 17000 tv shows…so that 5 connections wont work if i use my log in information at another location other than my home? It MUST b on the SAME wifi network?

  3. Hi Tanya, what is going on with all the movie app's – sofa tv, cyberflix, ECT…..nothing will load on my fire tv & my Android phone ! I did restart both of my devices & still not loading any content ! Can you please check these issues out for us ? I tried YouTube on my fire tv & it is playing great ! Filelinked isn't working either . THX !!😥

  4. Got a question on real debrid, if you can reply whenever you can . Rd was working real good and still kinda is but whenever I click on a movie not a whole lot of rd links pop up. I have to go back and click on it again and every time I do I get different rd links. Any suggestions ?

  5. Hi Tanya, Thanks for your quality videos ! If I may, I strongly think that most of the IPTV services are getting carried away by the number of channels which they offer. Their first goal should be to offer high resolution video streams. Instead of wasting bandwidth on movies , series and 24/7 feeds which can be easily accessed with multiple APKs. Who needs thousands of tv channels in SD quality in foreign languages which you don't understand ?
    They should group and offer their product by language group in DH and FHD quality. If you review more IPTV services, please could you indicate the resolution of the channels offer . As an example : UK 5% FHD – 75% HD – 20% HD and so on for the main countries. Also, if you have
    connections amongst the IPTV providers ; I'm desperately looking for an affordable service which would offer French Canadian channels (Québécois) in quantity and HD quality. Thanks again for your valuable contribution and hard work ! ! !

    Just went on the site.
    A few RED FLAGS were raised.
    >@ the TOP of the page, it says:
    over 1,000 channels
    … Further down (under plans) it says: 800 channels
    … Further down (under FAQ) it says *500 channels*.
    > ON TOP
    it says 72hr
    (3 day) FREE TRIAL
    > under subscriptions,
    the only option is
    24hr (1 day) FREE TRIAL.

    A LOT of INCONSISTENCY on this website !!!

    Not sure if i TRUST a company that cant get their story straight
    on their website. 🤔🙄😒