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This is a Kodi add on that once installed will check every add on to make sure it is safe with no malicious intent

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  1. Thank you. I haven't had a problem with bad stuff yet but I know it would be a mater of time. Now that I did this and have it on my fire stick How often should I run it? My guess would be only if I ad something. Please let me know if or when it should be run again. Thanks again.

  2. I downloaded a app from your filelinked store, I think the app was called, Fast movie, I think? and when I entered the movie app, my screen turned upside down and blanked out, then it powered on and now the screen is frozen and it says, "ANDROID", which my box never did display, I found that strange, I tried unplugging my MXQ pro over & over since 11pm and its now 4:42am NL time, I'm so frustrated, tired & going to sleep for a couple of hours, so what do you think what happened, a virus or hackers, I know a little but not close what you know, anyway i need to get one somewhere second-hand or possibly get my MXQ repaired but by who & where.

  3. Do I need the newest gen. Of fire stick to download 18.6? I've had most of my fire sticks for a couple of years now.. and it just seems like whatever build I try, I have issues with.. buffering, or there is no link to the movie I want to watch, or even it isn't the correct movie under the link… am i doing something wrong??

  4. ok I have a question? I'm still old school here and very partial KODI 17.6 it has never let me down, I have never had luck with any of the other ones , but i'm having a hard time finding a build for it so looks like i'm going to have to move on, what a good KODI out there and a build, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you