Banner : StandAlonePictures
Cast : Abitha Venkataraman, Sameer, Syed Azar, Ponnusamy, Sekar
Cinematography : Wewake
Background Score : Sathish Selvam
Color Grading : Sreeram Balakrishnan
Sound Design : Senthil Abinaya
Producer : Kalyaan
Co Producer : Go, Santhu, Suresh
Executive Producer : Senthil kumaran

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  1. Congrats for creative thinking….But If a wild dog bites you get treatment Preserve the Dog and once you recover hunt it and KILL IT…otherwise it will keep biting alla and sundry…if not for you atleast for the welfare of soceity You have to do it….But keeping quiet is cowardice… and unmanly and pathetic…Anyway excellent team effort…..Best of Luck..

  2. one of the most heart touching and most realistic film…. Its sooo true, let it be a girl/ a boy, we dont have enf strength to fight at such moments… keepin myself or anyone in her place, i feel v all want to live… anyone wud beg fr life… she have beautifully conveyed it… she may not b a role model, but she is the reality… SEX is what thy want… a momentary thing… Its in their mind, its the lust tat cause all these…. no clothes over ur body cn stop that…. how much cn a gal run behind cases n fights………. ?? How do we stop all this??

  3. Her Selfish note ….. actually these lines got the life when it is understood by him…kooda ninale podhum nice wordings ….last lines ….casts played their roles well enough to their script…. dialogues gave tremendous impact..and finally I got a point THEVAIKU MATUM CAL PANNAUM POLA 😊…girl character with her attitude washed-out everything… concept conveyed successfully…all.the best guys for Ur future projects.

  4. best flim ipatha intha short flim ah paakkure rmpa pidichirkku sema na revenge eatuka porangalonu nenache bt rmpa iyalba irukku neenga sonna maritha thatti kekkanum nu illa kuda irunthu thatti kuduthalae pothum semaa act for both splly that ponnu…