I’ve seen people saying Filelinked is back… I’m not so sure!
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It’s the 1st Filelinked clone we’ve seen and it’s called AppLinked. But will it be a long term replacement or will there be better options. I will quickly show the app and you can decide if it’s better than the other options available.

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  1. Here's the post – https://letscrackon.org/how-to-install-applinked/
    Let me know your thoughts and the code I left in the post, that's what took me until early hours and feeling tired this morning πŸ˜‚πŸ»
    UPDATE: As fast as we saw the app released, it's now not working and it gives the error 'code does not exist'. I'm, not sure this app will be able to handle high traffic and I'm not sure if this is the Filelinked replacement we were waiting for. I will keep you updated in the post above πŸ˜ƒπŸ»

  2. This is very helpful. Im interested in making my own download page to make things easier for my customers to get my apps. FileLinked was perfect for what I needed it to do and easy to use. Could you tell me the web address for the the create your AppLinked page please. You said it a little bit too quick lol

  3. WoW mate got to be honest sick a seeing Filelinked down vid`s all over youtube (am sad but bloody hell) then came the Use this insted vid`s … truth is many years ago when money was tight I was naughty but now if it`s Great I buy a beer for a 5er, X plore I did this as I got the prog on my Fire TV cube and on my Nvidia Shield, wifi stream a nest of 128gb Sandisc pen drives running of a 16x powered USB Hub full a films (I own also on disc) to the cube….. sorry to go on but sometimes if you use it every day and love it, give um a 5er not expecting a thumb up for this one but this is me.

  4. Sorry about your FREE TECH channel kid, I'll just send the gags here. Fella comes out of work after a 12 hour shift and it's pouring down as he heads to his bus stop. He looks up and sees the bus leaving early and starts to run for it just managing to jump on before the driver closes the door, he heads upstairs and every seat is taken by Apaches so he goes back down and all the seats are taken by Cowboys. He waits till the bus stops and pulls the driver right out of his seat absolutely fuming, he says " Look you, I've just done a 12 hour shift I'm tired, wet, cold and hungry, and you left the stop early, I went upstairs and couldn't get a seat for Apaches downstairs is full of Cowboys, what kind of bus is this ?" The driver says "It's a western". Keep safe Adam and cheerio from Glasgow.