First of all let me tell you ‘DO NOT BUY THIS BOX’ until you watch this video. There is certainly some issues you should know about and some things that don’t really add up. This is just my review and opinion of the new H96 Max android box but I must admit, I had some fun with this. Let me know what you think and the H96 Max with 8gb Ram & 64gb Storage something you would buy?
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  1. Alan Shields
    South Lanarkshire

    Β£70 personally I would not give the manufacturers a Tener for it.

    Honestly it's like something you would buy off the most dodgy guy down the pub that's what it's like.

    I remember getting my first android box my Dad got it off this guy down the bowling Club according to my Dad a technical genus a technical genus my arse lol at this point I did not know anything about
    Android boxes full stop this was back in 2014 even the box I had then was better than this shite box honestly this shite Android box looks absolutely terrible.

    If I remmber right the first Android box I had ran Jelly Bean I have a
    Video Shield & a Now T.V stick at this point in time.

    Keep Safe.