We all want to save money but have the best streaming devices. Amazon Prime Day has some cracking deals with devices dropping upto 50%. I let you know my recommendation, what to look out for, and what may not be worth it.
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  1. just set video running on pc and heard a noise in kitchen so went and had a look,dog had knocked my walking stick over.came back in house and fookin barbie girl playing,wtf is going on as never heard you say owt as shouting at dog,not till i started playing video again i found out it was you,not funny m8 well maybe a little lol

  2. Great vlog again as always. I ordered a fire tv cube a while ago but wasn’t sure and sent it back. Then after watching this vlog I sat up last night till midnight, and as soon as prime day deals started I ordered a cube for £59.99. Arriving today 👍 Thanks for sharing 👍

  3. The Fire HD 8 is a fine tablet if it's cheap. I got a two pack for a steal and snagged two of the display stand things off ebay for cheap, and now I've got both of those tablets set up with Alexa, all my Fire apps and everything I need. Totally portable. Can carry them around the house or just leave them docked and it works great. One stays in my bathroom with tape over the camera lens and it's hands-free media for when, you know. For me, it's a perfect solution. And if the worst happens and it gets drowned, well it was only like $40 so not the end of the world.