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Amazon released 2 new Fire TV Stick devices at the end of 2020, and they just released the new Fire TV Stick 2021 version. But did Amazon lie? This could have my opinions, but I think they did!
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  1. Love your reviews your down to earth and say how it is ,I value your opinion so thank you for that I agree the firestick 2021 is the same spec as the 2020 just a marketing hype, I'm not bothered about the new remote so in my mind I can't understand why they have done this, maybe if they give you more storage that would have been more beneficial, with that being said you just cracked on. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi, I live in the USA and bought 2 fire sticks the one released in 2016 and the one released in 2019 but sold in 2020. The 2019 one has 1 difference from the 2016 it added the Alexa button other than that they look exactly the same. Amazon's quality lately is terrible as they get knock offs from China the one you have with the colored buttons is available here also and it looks exactly like the one in your video.. …..Also big News here in the USA Amazon is recalling Alexa and iRing for spying on people and connecting everyone to a large network! Here we only have until tomorrow to disconnect it and send it back. I don't have those 2 things but I wonder if my 2020 fire stick with Alexa is listening to my conversations. search it where you live to see if you can find any information on it. good luck!

  3. Been struggling with buffering on prime video recently despite having nearly 100mbps broadband. All other streaming platforms working perfectly. Sat on an amazon chat for ages wasting my time doing all the simple stuff I ended the chat as they were just fobbing me off. Just discovered how to change DNS and hey presto no more buffering. Worth doing if anyone is struggling.

  4. 1st of all you need to learn to read before you buy it I just checked the Amazon item it tells you your getting a 3rd gen fire stick with a 2021 remote that's why they give you the option to buy the remote srpert because if you have a fire cube tv like I do you don't need to buy the stick you just buy the remote separately just like apple did with there remote where if you have the older apple TV 4k you don't need to buy the new 4k apple TV you can buy the remote separately and use it on your old 4k because the new apple 4k is the same as the old one they just added a air wireless feature that's it

  5. I bought the new stick with the new remote thinking I could use it to serve as a single remote for everything BUT it doesnt allow me enough freedom to add equipment to make it work to turn on my Samsung TV or with my external Samsung Dock Speaker (trying to make use of older bluetooth speakers). Since I wasnt able to manually add that pieces of equipment to be controlled by that remote, it has turned out to be useless for me. It is amazing that even today…..the more things change the more they stay the same

  6. I got this about 2 weeks ago, to be fair im brand new into the world of firesticks and stuff – I plugged into my TV, setup, all fine – maybe I was expecting more, but best I can tell, it floods my screen with many things I would like to watch, all of which I now have to subscribe too, disney, hulu, prime – is the firestick just a way to put more ads onto your TV? I live in bangkok was just hoping to watch BBC or something, every app was sign up, then "nope" cant watch that. I probably should have done more research to be fair, I just wanted to have more content to watch, and after 3 days, Ive just put it back into its box and plan to sell for 50% discount lol. I tried, but meh, my TV is literally a smart TV with the youtube app on it and netflix already, so ill just stick with that. Disappointed, but fully aware I should have researched more about it lol.

  7. It's the same as the 2020 version, same cpu with max 1080p resolution display, except with 'advert buttons' on the remote simliar to the roku stick.. and if it also has '8GB' then it'll only have just above 5GB of space for your own installed apps which is awful, should be 64GB minimum