What is Kodi 2021 – is Kodi legal to use? – Popular app Kodi finally gets explained 📺

In this video we go over what Kodi actually is in 2021. Now Kodi gets a lot of negative stigma because of it’s ability to stream third party content through various addons. But on the surface Kodi is just an open software that lets community members create various content on it. This can be compared to Android OS where outside users can create their own applications to be loaded on Android boxes. So this begs the question, is Kodi legal in 2021?

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0:00 Video begins
0:10 What is Kodi?
1:30 How did Kodi start
2:11 What does Kodi do
4:02 Why is Kodi censored on YouTube and Facebook?
6:27 Is Kodi Legal in 2021?

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  1. Yes, I use it and I personally do not think it should be banned as much as it is on social media accounts. I enjoy being able to source items in one location without having to download numerous items for games, videos, songs, photos, etc.

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