Can I get in trouble for using IPTV 2021 – How Safe is IPTV to buy – Safety issues with IPTV 📺

In this video we go over many aspects of IPTV and how safe it is to use in 2021. Now a lot of people want to know, can I get in trouble for using IPTV? I am not talking about legal IPTV services such as Youtube TV or Hulu TV, Instead I am talking about the great area third party services that can be found scattered around the internet. So is IPTV safe in 2021, well there are tons of aspects that we will have to talk about in order to get to a definitive answer.

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0:00 Video begins
0:10 Can I get in trouble for using IPTV
1:51 Millions IPTV choices on Facebook
3:26 Illegal IPTV resellers
5:26 How legal is IPTV for end users
9:38 Safety issues with IPTV

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  1. Hi good video. I’m in Uk 🇬🇧.. yes would be interesting to see ` iptv in Uk ` video by yourself. I use iptv using vpn and it works most of time. But currently considering stream locator and using low cost apps from overseas which seems a way to get good quality low risk tv at decent price.

  2. Yeah, but the big well known services like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube TV pay for the content licensing and are legal. That is why they are more expensive and know that they wont get shut down. I still dont trust these fly by night IPTV services that offer thousands and thousands of channels for 12 dollars. If you have success with one, that is good and hope it gives you good service and stays in business.

  3. You don't want to get me started on a rant about the stranglehold that Bell and Rogers has on the TV industry in Canada. There absolutely should be cheap, legal IPTV. There are laws against monopolies in the US so there are great alternatives such as YouTube TV. There are a few small internet providers in Ontario that sell legal IPTV with an internet package. I have had a small provider for over 5 years and have never been happier. And don't forget, there is still free antenna TV. Supplement that with a streaming service for about the same price as the illegal IPTV. I use Plex and cheap Android boxes to get the antenna to all TVs in the house.

  4. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, there no such thing as a grey area. These companies will take your ass to court.
    The Longer you use it the better there case becomes when they take action. You can’t say I didn’t know , the cable package you got is crazy 😜.
    Your isp is not going to protect you, they will give you up in a heart beat ❤️ .

  5. You pay more for services like YoutubTv, Hulu, Sling, and AT&T TV so you don't have to worry about legal stuff. You're also going to get the best quality. Just use an antenna if you want free TV and use Pluto and Peacock free and any others. Or some cheapskates can subscribe to Netflix or Discovery Plus and spend a whole $12 a month. Wow how cheap can you be? It's not that expensive and you don't have to worry.

  6. I have Sterling (testing it out for three months) and literally need nothing else, despite the fact that I have cable still, as well as Amazon Prime Netflix and Hulu. The wife and kids still use the other stuff, but I could (and will) get rid of the rest very soon. A service like Sterling is all you need in one user-friendly, providing it is here for a while and not apt to disappear with no notice. That’s the risk.