How to Install LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi

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This tutorial will show you how to install LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi.
Or, maybe I should say how to install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi.
LibreELEC is a lightweight Linux distribution of Kodi which works great on mini-computers.
Their tagline is “Just enough OS for Kodi.”
This project is geared toward those who want a device that only runs Kodi.  Android applications (APKs) will not work on this system.
This procedure will work on all models of the Raspberry Pi.

LibreELEC Supports these Raspberry Pi Models

Raspberry Pi 0
Raspberry Pi 1
Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3+
Raspbery Pi 4

What You Will Need

I purchased the following Raspberry Pi 4 combo package from Amazon as it was easier than choosing each component separately.
Raspberry Pi

The package didn’t include a remote control so I used the MX3 Pro Mini Keyboard Backlight Air Remote with Mouse.
This is an inexpensive remote and it works very well.
It includes a keyboard, volume buttons, and an air mouse.
LibreELEC Raspberry Pi Remote Control
If you don’t want to purchase the combo package, here are the individual components that you will need for LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi project.  I suggest using the Raspberry Pi 4.  I chose the 8GB Raspberry Pi model but 4GB is plenty of RAM memory to run Kodi on this device.

Raspberry Pi 4
Raspberry Pi 4 Case
Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
Micro SD Card
Micro SD Card USB Adapter
Power Adapter
Wireless Remote Control

Below, you will find both a video tutorial and screenshot guide on how to install Kodi on Raspberry Pi.
We suggest watching the video as it provides important details not found in the screenshot guide.

How to Install LibreELEC (Kodi) on Raspberry Pi

Video Tutorial

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Screenshot Guide

1  Insert micro-sd card into USB adapter.
micro sd card usb adapter
2  Insert USB adapter into computer.  In this example, I’m using a Windows 10 PC.
3  Open a browser and go to LibreELEC Website –
LibreELEC Website
4  Click Downloads tab at top and then download and install the LibreELEC USB-SD Creator.
Click Download menu item
5  Launch the app.

6  Choose the Raspberry Pi model that you are using in this project.

7  Click the Download button.

8  Save it somewhere on your computer.  I’m saving it to my Downloads folder.

9  Wait for Download to complete.  You will see a blue bar go across the screen.

10  Select your USB drive or Micro SD Card.  Mine was already populated as it’s the only external storage attached to my computer.

11  Click the Write button.  Your data will be wiped off this device!  Click the Yes button on the confirmation window.

12  Wait for writing to finish.

13  Remove USB adapter from computer.
14.  Remove Micro SD card from USB adapter.
15.  Insert Micro SD card into Raspberry Pi.
16.  Connect Raspberry Pi to television by way of HDMI cable and power it on.
17.  Proceed through the wizard that appears on the screen upon first booting.
LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi Wizard
Congratulations!  LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi is now running.
The video above will provide additional tips including how to update to the most recent release of LibreELEC.

What Next?

If you’re going to use the free 3rd party Kodi Addons or Builds with LibreELEC we suggest that you first configure Quad VPN to protect yourself.
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How to Install VPN on LibreELEC
Learn how to install the best Kodi Addons and Builds with our resources below.
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