PTV Park Program Break (1998 IPTV) #2


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  1. 1:231:54 During this break, there's an infomercial: How to Get Sesame Street Sweepstakes. Thanks to SolarSmith. And speaking of sweepstakes, I wonder if you or any other channel can upload more things about PTV Park/PBS Kids on KCET through the years both 1990s 1996 to 1999 and 2000s like the KCET Kids Club pledge/program breaks. This morning, Jeremy Vaunt told me and said that I'm right it could be either May, June, or July this morning. I hope Any Del will try to upload more Sesame Street episodes on KCET or even PBS Kids Sprout until then. Hopefully, Paolo will let me know when he finds it like Shining Time Station in PTV Park era. (It's a theme song promo/commercial or rarely seen music video-like that combines both opening and closing theme for the series as a backdrop to the different clips from seasons 2 and 3 episodes.) then you can upload one of the program breaks from the PTV Park era. Which channel will take it and upload more? It's not here on YouTube this year yet. Is it around 1996, 1997, or even spring 1998 in reruns til June 11, 1998? And for STS, it moved to Fox Family Channel in August 98. I know the compilation of KCET Kids Club were interesting. I'm being patient. So cross your fingers if he finds it and KCET Kids Club this year.