New video on the best IPTV service of 2021 and how to download on FireTV

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  1. I must apologize for criticizing this IPTV service. I complained that they had ripped me off and there were no streams. I was wrong, after reinstalling the app I was able to get all the streams and the streaming quality is superb. Very little to no buffering and the picture quality looks excellent. Sorry guys but you are great thank you.

  2. Hey there UpGrad3. I'm new to this. Had Verizon 5G installers at my place this morning but they couldn't complete the install cuz there wasn't a 5G antenna or Node close enough to my place. Should be one soon though. Anyway, the installer was real cool & told my about Ology. Showed me your video & after he left I started watching it. I saw your comment saying, "*I am no longer promoting OlogyTV" & was redirected here. B4 I get too deep into this can you please tell me why not Ology but yes on this IPTV service? Please remember that I'm new to this whole thing? Thank you in advance.