***Top Dog***
Top Dog IPTV was a good business in the beginning, but i respectfully assume that $ has taken over and greed has changed their company for the worse.

Being asked to make a deal for a video and an affiliation for my works payment wasn’t a bad idea UNTIL they ended up not paying me!

**Affiliations are when you click my personal link i receive a % of the sale made in order to sustain my youtube channel for doing them FREE video’s. One hand washes the other so to say….

Well Being owed roughly NOW about $10,000 i suppose wasn’t working for them making Thousands on my video review. It is a shame how business is done like this. Because of them i now have to take payments for my video’s for other services w/ or w/o an affiliation. Such is the new measures i have to take to keep myself in YT business these days and i am sorry to other services for their behavior creating my need to do this.

I will be making a “Live” video address about this entire ordeal w/ proof for my own insurances.

Stay Tuned!

IF you already have TOP DOG and you like them that is fine by me, no worries on my end for this. I hope you all understand i am about making YOU my fans, and viewer’s happy.

What i deal with is on me, and i just like to keep everyone informed.

Now my Imposter!!! $dr.Ventur / Top Dog IPTV

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  1. That sucks! I have been a handyman for over thirty years and I know it sucks when people try and (sometime) get over on you. Don't sweat the small stuff. Karma Is A Bitch!!!!!!! Your making your viewers know what's going on. When you are honest, people tend to have loyalty. Someone else will come and they will regret the injustice they did to you! Have faith brother and at the end of this you will have the last laugh! Keep up the great work! Also set up my my 4k memory and I don't see it register on my firestick? when you get a chance maybe you can help me fix that. Much love for you and your family and don't sweat the small stuff! their is a God and he don't like ugly!