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  1. Lee. I like the Stream Locator so how much would there subscription be after the free 12 month? Also could Dazn be taken down like some other Apps and iptv services? because if you add up the Stream Locator subscription after the free 12 month and Dazn Service together is could cost more than a vpn and Iptv service

  2. Well lee , see your 1st on this stream locator, and got one, was loving it , now after seeing this have set up the davn , mainly wanted for peacock at first, this was great , so now have the dazn up and running , must say the best you tuber ive found Is yourself, thanks for great advice ,

  3. Wel Lee, have watched a couple of your posts, 1st being using Stream Locater, was a bit un – sure as regarding cost , (would it work,will it ,can i really buy this and will it work!! ! WELL ITS GREAT, have espn+, peacock tv, DAZN, All Set up, working well, normally dont send messages, but Lee , "you have set me me up for what I wanted" so anyone thinking of trying Stream Locator as a unit , Just do it , I love it
    And thanks Lee , Top Man

  4. I can’t even sign up to Dazn without getting an error it just keeps saying” We are facing an unexpected issue and our techs are working hard to fix it. Please, come back later.” Strange as if it’s trying to access Canada dazn but knows I’m in uk still so not allowing it

  5. If you are a UFC fan don't plan on using DAZN to watch any of it. Unless you have a German, Italian, Spanish or Swiss identification you can't watch anything.

    No Scottish Football either.

    I'm cancelling my sub and I'll resub when the NFL starts back up.
    Very disappointed.

  6. Hello again Lee i am being a pest again i am not the most technological person so i may sound a bit twp here but my wife has decided to change broadband providers and a new router will be here on the 20th my Streamlocator arrived yesterday should i wait for the new router before setting it up or does it make no difference yours sincerly Den