MangaDex Website Hacked & Shut Down


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It was recently announced that the MangaDex website has been hacked and user data has likely been breached by the attackers.
This is according to the MangaDex website, as they state the following on their home page:
“Due to a recent hacking incident, MangaDex will be down until further notice. As developing and maintaining MangaDex is nobody’s actual job, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate as to when we’ll be back up and running. It should go without saying that every one of us wants it to happen as soon as safely possible.”
They then go on to explain the issue with user data being breached by the hackers:
“As a user, we will encourage that you would assume that your data has been breached, and take precautions immediately, such as changing the passwords of any accounts that might share the same password as your MangaDex account.”
You can view their full statement in the image below and on the official MangaDex Website.
mangadex website
MangaDex also released more information on the hacking situation via their social media accounts.

After a consensus, we decided to focus our efforts towards MangaDex v5. We will remain offline until the new site’s codebase is fully rewritten. We expect to take 2+ weeks for a release with basic functions (read/upload/follow).
— MangaDex (@MangaDex) March 21, 2021

Based on these statements, it appears this incident won’t be resolved for a few more weeks at least.
MangaDex is one of the most popular websites available when it comes to online manga comics and magazines. This site was getting millions of visitors every month.

This site offered “transformed” manga publications in different languages than the original works. These were 100% free to access and view online.
This isn’t the first time we have seen popular websites compromised with user data at risk.
Back in August 2020, we saw the KissAnime Website Shut Down by copyright holders, as the official domain still remains offline.
Another recent example involved a popular torrent site called YTS, where millions of website users had their data exposed.
YTS Torrent Site Handing Over User Data

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Overall, it will be interesting to see what happens with the MangaDex website in the near future and how they operate moving forward.
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MangaDex FAQ

What happened to MangaDex?

The official MangaDex website was hacked and is now offline. It appears that user data was also likely breached by the hackers.

What are the best MangaDex alternatives?

The best MangaDex alternatives include Crunchyroll, VRV, Fire Anime, and others mentioned within this article.

Is MangaDex legal?

Yes. MangaDex is a legal website and offers content that is free to access.

What happens if your user data was breached when visiting the MangaDex website?

It’s unclear what’s going to happen with the breach of user data, but it reinforces the importance of using an anonymous email along with a VPN to protect yourself online.

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