☑️Kodi 19 MATRIX just released but DO NOT UPDATE…… Here is why…

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  1. I appreciate you.😘
    This has has given me peace of mind as I have had the problem of the new Kodi 19 version messing up my TV time! I then installed my favourite Xenon build after reinstalling Kodi 18.9 by following your YouTube directions. I was very happy until the NEXT day when the New version of 19 popped up again! I had to start all over again so THIS time I did prevent this from happening by following this YouTube video today. I hope this solves the problem until the 19 version is completely compatible with all the add-ons without a problem. I was wondering if you could tell me how long it will be when that day will come? Will you be posting a video when this is the case and it's safe to transfer to the new Kodi 19? That I'll then be able to install the Xenon on it and not worry about losing all my favourite add-ons? It'd be great if we knew when that day comes! Also, Thank you for your excellent work. I understand how much work it is for you to produce these videos to help all of us out here that truly need you. 😊 I appreciate you and especially how you talk during the videos because you're easy to follow as you speak to to me like I'm a five-year-old and that's exactly what I need!! LOL😀 thank you again for all your hard work. For people like me who are on a tight budget and can't afford to watch TV via expensive cable and such. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  2. ok today nvidia shiled did this update and, from im reading around, im lucky as i lost only skin and its settings. as least at first glance, as i dont have so much addons and that few thati i have still works. any idea if also some standard settings get screwed with this update? i dont want to check eveything manually.

  3. My Shield TV Pro was updated to 19 and I did not realize that this was the cause of the tremendous troubles I encountered. It took me hours to find out why I could not find my shares on my nas anymore. Finally I downgraded tot 18.9 and I had to reinstall everything again. Now my Shield is running fine.

  4. Unfortunately I did not see your video soon enough. Started up my Shield like I do every morning and to my displeasure KODI Matrix killed my setup. I don’t use any builds on my Shields. I use Kodi default skin and had 18.9 setup just the way I liked it and then Matrix killed it. I was able to get my Shields back to my original setup. I made sure I turned off automatic updates and backed up my Kodi setup.

  5. I learned the Hard way i lost my building, I had company coming over once everyone got there i turned on my Nvidia shield and i see the Kodi 19 then all a sudden i get the kodi setup screen🤦‍♂️ I been having this Atomic building for 2yrs😭😭😭😭

  6. Thank you very much I tried to go down to 18.9. All erros came up after a day and started disappearing before my eyes I did not know what was going on you were like the first video that really explains it well getting ready to install and uninstall update thank you again sums up my friends and I also subscribed to your Channel

  7. I can't believe my Kodi auto updated which led me to your other video. That did help do thank you again, but basically the auto update had no fix besides deleting and re-adding Kodi 18.9 Leia. I couple weeks later I ended up on this video after again Kodi auto updated, even following your steps directly from the site which you thought would avoid that. Best thing is when turning off auto updates on the same page you still see available updates, then any app that has an update worth doing just click update do it manually like that until 19 gets going.

  8. Hi. Can you give me a quick advice on how to do the following:
    – on Android TV
    – change the build (I currently have Cobalt, which is not supported for a long time and basically does not work anymore)
    – I have this built on Leah.
    Normally i would just re-install Kodi and then the desired build (to get rid of the old build)
    Now the issue will be: not being able to install the Leah version.
    can you give a quick outline? Thanks!