if you have a Fire TV device and you need to know how to install Kodi so you can follow along in this video… Here is a link for my video on how to jailbreak and speed up your Fire TV device… It will not only give you access to all the Kodi version but also some of our Misfit mods Kodi Forks… As well as all the apks available today!( if your Fire TV device has switched to the newer format oh, the settings are going to look a little different oh… I will make a video soon!, basically you go over to the settings gear icon click it and then all the settings appear below)

now for the same video but for Android devices… Such as Android boxes, Nvidia Shield’s and all other Android devices… this is the video to install Kodi or any APK you may need!…

if you want to install one of our Misfit mods Kodi Forks follow this link

Xbox One users… Since this bill has become one of the favorites among us Xbox users, if any of you with an Xbox One are interested installing this build… To install Kodi on an Xbox one you just need to go to the Microsoft Store and search Kodi…

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  1. I'm trying to see the best build for my X96Q max box I just got , so far it has not impressed me ,but i just downloaded your build and will give it a try , but I was not able to change the weather location from your default on location , and there is no shortcut for buffering fix anywhere that I have seen ,maybe you changed it in the last month ,but thanks for your help so fare.

  2. Hey I know you like making builds for kodi, I was wondering if you can create a build for Canada TV channels especially OLN channel because I'm into snakes and other reptiles, so a build that is educational about animals specifically reptiles, lol. Or how is the best way I can learn how to make my own builds, any ideas. Thanks in advance

  3. I just downloaded your build and every time I go to weather and then to setup it restarts my fire stick. I followed your instructions I even waited the five minutes but if I go into anything else such as movies it tv the little circle just spins. Any suggestions. Should I uninstall and start over? Thank you

  4. I am having issues with build, say for instance I go to children and go to 1985 -89 cartoons and then try to go to marvel cartoons then marvel superheroes. I try to w a then anything it wants a real debris authorization. I thought I was going y o like the build but things aren't working very frustrating