Kodi Not Working? Use These Tips To Get It Functioning Properly

kodi not working

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This article will show you some of the best techniques and tips to solve the inevitable problem of Kodi Not Working.
If you are a regular Kodi user, you have more than likely experienced Kodi not working at least a time or two.
So what does it mean when Kodi is not working? There are a few problems that could arise within the software, and many times it involves a simple fix.
Some of the more common errors include:
If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above, click the respective link for a complete guide to fixing the problem.
If you still are encountering issues, use the guides below.
NOTE: While Kodi is a great choice for streaming content, users do oftentimes run into issues with the software.
That is why we always suggest using a Streaming App or APK to view Movies and TV Shows.

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How To Fix: Kodi Not Working

Restart Kodi Device

If you are using a streaming device such as a Firestick for Kodi, the first recommendation we always give whenever an issue arises is to restart the device.
This is a quick tip that often times brings magnificent results. To restart a Firestick/Fire TV, use the guide below:
How to Restart Firestick or Fire TV
You can also Restart your Fire TV/Stick by unplugging the power cord from the back of the device, waiting 10-20 seconds, and plugging back in.
The same method can be done for an Android TV Box or Computer.
Resetting your Kodi device is a simple solution that can sometimes solve any problems you are experiencing with the software.
If resetting your device doesn’t solve the issues with Kodi not working, there are a few more ways to try and fix this.

Clear Kodi Cache

clear cache
Clearing the cache within Kodi is a great way to speed up the software and clean the entire system. If you are experiencing lag or buffering in Kodi, this is the perfect solution to stopping it.
Clearing the cache may the best way to fix any problems you are having within Kodi.
To clear the Kodi cache, KODIFIREIPTVrecommends installing the Supreme Builds Wizard which offers numerous tools to enjoy a better Kodi experience.
Use the link below to learn how to clear the cache on your Kodi device:
Clear Kodi Cache

Removing/Updating Kodi Add-Ons

Often times, when problems arise within Kodi, it may be due to the specific add-on you are using. As most Kodi users know, add-ons are constantly being shut down and restored.
If your Kodi device is full of add-ons, this may slow down down the software. Removing unused or unwanted add-ons is a great solution to fix the problem of Kodi not working.
To learn how to remove Add-Ons from your Kodi device, click the link below:
How To Uninstall Kodi Addons
Reminder: If you are trying to install a Kodi add-on and receive the following message: “Unable to connect, Couldn’t retrieve directory information.”
More than likely, you have entered the URL incorrectly.
Double-check the URL is spelled exactly right and retry again.
Fix Kodi Unable to Connect Error
Another factor that may diminish Kodi streaming is an out of date add-on.
The good news is, add-ons within Kodi can easily be updated. Follow the screenshot tutorial below to learn how to update a Kodi add-on:

How To Update Kodi Add-On

In the guide below, I am using the Deck Chair add-on. However, this method can be used for all other add-ons as well.
1. Open Kodi and scroll down to Select Add-ons
select Add-ons
2. Click the package installer button located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen Install Kodi Addon
click package installer button
3. Click My add-ons
click My add-ons
4. Click Video add-ons
click video add-ons
5. Choose your preferred add-on
choose preferred add-on
6. Click the Update Button
click update button
7. If applicable, choose the most up-to-date version
choose version
8. Wait for add-on updated message to appear
update add-on message
If this does not fix your Kodi problems, a complete update of the software may be in order.

Update Kodi

Updating Kodi is one of the most efficient ways to ensure the software is functioning properly.
By doing so, you will know that the highest quality program is installed on your device and functioning to its full ability.
If you are unsure of the version of Kodi installed on your device, we can easily check this.
To do so, launch Kodi and click the small Settings Tab in the upper left-hand corner, then System Information. Your Kodi Version will be shown in the bottom right corner under Version Info.
KODIFIREIPTValways recommends using the most current, stable version of Kodi.
If not, you can easily update Kodi to the latest version using the corresponding guide below:
How To Update Kodi on Fire TV
Update Kodi on Android TV Box
How To Update Kodi on Windows

Reset/Restore Kodi

Last but not least on the list of ways to fix Kodi not working is to reset or restore Kodi to factory settings.
By doing this, you will not have to delete the entire application and re-install it. Instead, it will only require a quick reset to bring Kodi back to its original state.
After resetting Kodi on your preferred device, the software will return to its original, clean state.
Because everything has been wiped away, you will need to re-install add-ons and builds. KODIFIREIPTVhas created a list of the Best Kodi add-ons and Builds which you can view below:
Best Kodi Add-Ons
Best Kodi Builds
lite kodi build movies
Many Kodi users find that resetting Kodi is the cure-all solution to nearly every Kodi problem.
Because Kodi can be installed on so many devices, there are several different ways to reset it.
Use the tutorial links below to learn how to reset Kodi on your corresponding device:
How To Reset Kodi on Firestick/Fire TV
Reset Kodi on Android TV Box
How To Reset/Restore Kodi on Windows
Hopefully, the tips above will help you anytime you find your Kodi not working.
Leave us a comment below and let us know what worked for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix Kodi?

There are numerous methods described in this article to help fix Kodi not working.

Does Kodi work on Firestick?

Yes. Kodi works on tons of devices including Firestick, Android Box, and much more.

What is the Best Kodi Addon?

There are tons of great Kodi addons that we desribe in our best Kodi addons guide.

Can I update Kodi?

Yes. This guide will show you how to update Kodi to the latest version to ensure it is working.

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