Happy New Year Team!! Welcome to CloudTech Support 2021!! Im here to bring you all URL Resolver! This addon will fix A NUMBER of kodi issues! Follow this tutorial step by step and bask in all the kodi goodness that comes with it. Drop a like, subscribe, and ask some questions down below!

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  1. HELP! You lost me at “Manage Dependencies”…it’s literally just NOT THERE. My only choices one I click on “System” then “Add-Ons” are Updates, Show Notifications and Unknown Sources…I’m having serious problems here. I’ve installed 3 separate Add Ons and none of them will work, in fact, they don’t even show up after I’ve installed them. So I found this video hoping it would help and somehow I’m just completely missing that part in the settings. There is no “manage dependencies” so now what?!

  2. I am using Kodi 18.9 with Xenon 18. I somehow removed the sports tab "Navigation Bar" which comes up when you watch live content (e.g.-Crew Sports). When I went into settings and added it back, I cannot access it where it sits between the Category Bar and the upper Widget sets when a video is playing. Scrolling up or down it passes over that action/navigation bar. Any ideas or help???

  3. Help needed please , i have a K1max android box and came with RKMC kodi 19.0 matrix already installed , any builds installed do not WORK , so uninstalled matrix 19.0 and loaded leia 18.9 and builds worked fine until i switch the box of , following day when i switched box on , matrix 19.0 appeared and my build also had disappeared ..any ideas please also is it best to have a VPN and RD is now on all builds but you have to pay for this ? is it worth having .. thanks any advice would be appreciated