PTV Park Program Break/Split Recording (1994 IPTV) Incomplete


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  1. Since I like to watch KCET not other network from other state, 0:57 now I know I'm still waiting for the KCET Shining Time Station theme song promo from the 90’s during any kind of program break like in 1998 after Barney and Friends reruns If The Shoe Fits… from season 3 aka (1998 KCET version) I barely saw when I was 4 that you told me for the millionth time, I wonder if you or any other subscription channel can upload the KCET Kids Club pledge drive segments through the years during any kind of program break. First of all, for Todd Newton, while he talks to the viewers, the screen shows The Puzzle Place, Barney, Shining Time Station, and more behind him. Another segment or plug, Judy Brown appears for the KCET Kids Club, before that, she talks about different kids programs showing the variety of clips from Sesame Street to Barney. The phone number was 1-800-877-4848 from the 90s and 2000. During the KCET Kids Club plug, it includes the plush doll of the characters, the backpack, the T-shirt, and lots of other stuff. In 2000s, Maria from Sesame Street announces the KCET Kids Club, so does Jamie Lee Curtis, Levar Burton, and even Debi Gutierrez from A Place of our Own. Please.