below will be the links on how to set up your device… Speed up your device and give you one source for installing Kodi or any other APK you may want… There’s going to be one for Fire TV devices and another for Android boxes, Nvidia shield and other Android devices… But the first link, if you’re interested in having the best set up in the world… This first link if you have a Fire TV stick or Fire TV device, this first link is the only one you need! Watch the following video… factory reset your Fire TV device and watch the following video for the complete Fire TV belief setup! Literally best setup in the world! The Fire TV bully set up with this or one of the other Misfit mod Kodi builds will have your device doing more and Performing better than you ever thought it could! So again if you have a fire stick and you’re interested in having the best setup in the world, just watch the following link! if you just want to have access to everything and choose your own stuff to install and just want to know how to get your device ready and install Kodi so you can follow along with this video then watch the Fire TV video below… If you have an Android device, watch your video below and then come back to this video if you want the Fire TV bully best setup in the world! So Fire TV devices again you just need the following link… Fire TV devices if you don’t want to do my complete setup if you just want to install your own apks and Cody, then follow the nextlink for Fire TV devices… Android boxes in Nvidia Shield go down and click the very last link on this description… Watch that video and then if you want the best setup in the world come back and click this link… Android devices users, since you watch the video below, when you click the following link you can fast-forward the first few minutes… It was done on a fire stick but all you have to do after you watch your Android video below is watch this video and fast forward it to the part where I start installing everything and just install the same stuff on your Android box! sorry if that’s all confusing… But the following link is for my complete firetv bully setup

FIRESTICK and Fire TV devices… The following link is for you… Again highly recommend a factory reset and then click the following link to speed up and get your device one source for everything you need including Kodi for Kodi Forks and every good APK today

ANDROID… Android boxes, Nvidia shield and other Android devices… Watch this video after you reset your device… This video will show you how to speed up and set up your device and give you the one source you need for everything… To install Kodi or one of our Kodi forks and any good APK available today! again, if you want the best setup in the world, Android devices users watch the following video and then go back to the first link above and fast-forward through the first couple minutes and install everything I install in that video…

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  1. GREAT videos, I am using kodi with Xenon Free presently but you hpe that i can easily make changes as I do not use many of the options , basically a sports guy .
    Can I just download from within xenon build or should I start from scratch with fresh kodi minus xenon build ?