How To Get HBO Max on Roku Right Now with this Simple Trick

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This step-by-step tutorial will show you How to Get HBO Max on Roku using a simple trick to stream your favorite HBO content.
Currently, HBO Max is not available within the Roku Channel Store.

Similarly, HBO Max was missing from the Amazon App Store for months before the two companies reached an agreement.
HBO Max Now Available in the Amazon App Store
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With no way to install the HBO Max app, Roku users are left in the dark unable to watch HBO favorites on their streaming device.
However, with the AirPlay feature now available on most Roku devices, we can screen mirror a phone or tablet and stream the HBO Max app.
This is the best way to get HBO Max on Roku while we await the arrival of the application in the Roku Channel Store.

Best Roku Channels
HBO Max is HBO’s feature app with tons of original content including shows, documentaries, and more.
KODIFIREIPTVhas created a complete HBO Max Resource Guide that will tell you everything you need to know about this popular app:
HBO Max Review
The following guide will show you How to Get HBO Max on Roku by casting to your TV via AirPlay or screen mirroring from your mobile device.
In this instance, we are using an iPhone XS, however, this will also work for Android devices as well.
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NOTE: As of the writing of this post, the following Roku Devices support Screen Mirroring via AirPlay:
Roku TV Axxxx, Cxxxx, CxxGB, 7xxxx
Roku Streambar 9102
Roku Smart Soundbar 9101,9100
Roku Ultra 4800, 4670, 4661, 4662, 4660, 4640
Roku Premiere 4630, 4620, 3920
Roku Streaming Stick+ 3811, 3810
If you are using a different Roku device than listed above, you may not have AirPlay capabilities.
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How To Get HBO Max on Roku

In order to cast HBO Max to Roku from our mobile device, we must first download the HBO Max App.
If using an Android device, you can install this from the Google Play Store:
HBO Max – Google Play Store
IMPORTANT: If you have not previously setup AirPlay/Screen Mirroring on your Roku device, you must do so prior to casting HBO Max.
Use our guide below to learn how to do so from any device including iOS, Android, and PC:
Roku Screen Mirroring
1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Apple App Store and download HBO Max
HBO Max – Apple App Store
download hbo max
2. Click Open
click open
3. You will now encounter the HBO Max home-screen.
you will now encounter hbo max home screen
4. Swipe down to launch the navigation menu and choose Screen Mirroring
choose screen mirroring
5. Select your Roku device
select your roku device
6. On your Roku device, you will encounter AirPlay message
airplay message
7. Your mobile device will now cast the HBO Max App to your streaming device
cast hbo max app to streaming device
That’s it!
Simply play your preferred content on your mobile device in full-screen mode and enjoy HBO Max on Roku.
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HBO Max on Roku Frequently Asked Questions

Is HBO Max on Roku?

Currently, the HBO Max App is not available on Roku devices. However, this guide will provide you with a trick to watch HBO Max on your Roku device.

When Will HBO Max be available on Roku?

While there is no timeline for this, many believe the HBO Max will eventually make its way to the Roku Channel Store.

Can I Cast HBO Max to Roku?

Yes. This guide will show you How to Cast HBO Max to Roku from iOS or Android.

Is HBO Max free?

No. HBO Max is a paid service that currently costs $14.99/month.

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