kodi-send is a command line program to send video links to the kodi media player, unfortunately the version that is in the ubuntu repository is broken

in this video i show you how to fix kodi-send and integrate it with youtube-dl so you can send youtube links to kodi and play them without having to install the kodi youtube addon and set up an api key

you can also send links from the hundreds of the sites youtube-dl supports without having to install any addons, and also send links to any video or audio file on the internet to kodi as well

i also created a script called yank that uses kodi-send and youtube-dl to make it easy to send links to kodi without having to type out long commands in the terminal

I also cover advanced shell scripting using getopts to check the arguments passed to a script

And how to record any video from within Kodi or on the command line using pilfer

kodi-send fix

yank script for kodi-send:

zshrc config file:

pilfer – record from kodi or on the command line:

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  1. Hi Napoleon, thank you for this 1h and 20 minutes of great lesson. thank you for dusting off your flower called Pilfer, I have been using it for years. I kneel in front of you and Kodi in front of Pilfer 🙂

    I hope you are well and your family. Here in Italy almost everything is in lockdown …. it will pass and we will make it. Hello great friend.