Bringing you a little Country, a little Love and Fun! Here is Kodi’s rendition of the Zac Brown Band favorite, “Chicken Fried!” So grab your favorite pair of jeans, sit down and enjoy the performance. Thanks again to Nick Seiwert for his work on the video, and special guest on guitar Ryan Marko! CHEERS!

Music and Production by Nick Seiwert

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  1. I have literally put myself through hell my entire life. Seeing Kodie play on his audition made me cry crocodile tears for days. I quit meth, i am quitting drinking i did mess up yesterday, but i have a strong faith in God again, i have a love for life that i lost so long ago, and i thank you Kodie you inspire me so much i have tears rolling down again. May God bless you and your mom and your whole family you are my hero

  2. Everyone can be honest, loving and caring in front of him.
    I mean, who else could do this!?

    I love to read the comment sections where people who are having serious difficulties having no one to share the pain, can finally speak out and feel it's OK.
    Kodi is not just a great singer. He saves helpless people.