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  1. I had Sterling TV for 6 months and when it came time to renew it wouldn't let me they wouldn't take my money I couldn't figure out how to pay for it so maybe they had more subscribers at that time than they wanted like you just said but while I had it I was very happy with it it worked just fine

  2. We do offer a great IPTV service with a lot of channels and movies + 24/7 movies . Great customer service we can answer all of your questions about our service . We do offer a 24h trial so you can test out our server and you can give us your opinion before purchase . We have a great price . all channels HD and FHD and also SD for the ones who has low speed internet . if anyone interested or has a question you are welcome to leave a comment . Thank you

  3. I tried 24hr free trial and loved it!!! However, when I tried to purchase 1 month subscription. Direct to AliExpress, processed payment, then they reversed it and said I didn’t pay. Tried again and the system says I have to appeal the decision!!?? Oh, and in order to appeal I have to provide copies to them of my photo ID/ Passport and copy of my credit card… 🤨 what a shame! Service was great, disappointing I won’t use them now. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. I'm running NordVPN with Sterling TV. Is there a recommended vpn protocol that works best with IPTV services. There are three options, Nordlynx, TCP, and UDP. I was told by NordVPN that UDP is preferred but I still have freezing issues occasionally on channels via my firestick. My internet is solid, so I'm assuming it's the vpn protocol setting or maybe the fact that I'm wireless (speed is inconsistent based on my ISP traffic). Can you recommend a vpn protocol preferred for this?

  5. Just ordered Sterling and waiting for the 'install-go' email. I'm down in Mexico and have good wifi for Pandora, web, videos, phone, TV, etc. but ALL live NFL games get stuck and buffer on any of my apps. Am I just cursed down here? You think Sterling will be different?