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  1. Peace! The dude advertising this nobull service! Well from brief experience so yall all about bullshit no disrespect. You telling customers check spam 5min im still waiting its be 2hrs ed. Ed from nobull man yall have to do better specially in the fast service department when it comes to login information far as my experience go. That part of your video can be changed with me far as your other customers I don't speak for there personal experience only mines. Im not bashing you just make sure you right and exact on certain things you say video. Remember customers experience reviews!

  2. Hey this app seems cool, but i was wondering if it also works on Roku. Also if i were to get this app could i be able to buy it through PayPal or would i have to use the other the apps that you mention in the description. Oh and if i were to have any other questions about it where can i be able to contact you from?

  3. Finally received information.. I had to constantly email provider to get response. Service isn't bad series doesn't have all seasons and 24/7 is glitchy but tv works fine though…I still prefer other services like apollo group and joker but this is not bad

  4. Hey, Im from the Caribbean and I wanted to see what Caribbean channels are offered on these multiple IPTV apps that you show off before actually picking one up. Can you suggest one that has all the same stuff including the Caribbean section please. Thanks in advance! Also, really great content dude, keep it up <3

  5. Update**
    The key is sign up during the day ,if you sign up late at night, you may have issues with getting sign in info. The service runs smoothly been using it for a couple weeks now. Some 24/7 movies are out of sync but there is enough to watch that it's not a big deal..the live channels run flawlessly..good service for the price.