IPTVX vs iPlay TV – which is really the best IPTV app on the AppStore?

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  1. Hello sir. Thank you for your review. IPTVX also has vertical scrolling for LIVE, you can set it on your settings. Also, it has multiplatform, it runs on the iPhone and iPad other than Apple TV. IPTVX is amazing in handling TV Shows and Movies which unfortunately are not shown in your review. IPTVX also has iCloud sync of your data and many other things. Your review is appreciated but only focused on LIVE.
    IPTVX will show the fps too in the next versions. Thank you.

  2. You need to know more about IPTVX before doing a review.. Like when when use the live tv to compare layout and the big bear with IPTVX is that the sections are along the top in column form and amount the side in row form of you want to use excel terms lol. It's a a setting change to have the sections down the left hand side like iplaytv