We take a look at the “KODI” button on the new 128gb Playstation build from Nintendoman found at

We have not seen Kodi on a PSX Classic yet – so we are not sure it is, or just a shortcut to some media and a video player – either way – there are some great retro clips there!

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We are a few friends from around the World, who have a passion and interest in retro arcade gaming, retro console gaming and arcades in general – we love to “get our hands dirty” and build/hack/destroy devices, cabinets and much more – as well as restore some classics to a modern day new life….

As a collective website, we do not “choose sides” with any groups, pages, websites or coders – we like to stay “neutral” within “the scene” there is wayyyy too much bullshit and arguments, name calling and slagging off to get involved in, we are here for the retro love!

We fund LOTS of servers for various groups – including the uploaders that share on Arcade Punks, as well as some development groups – we generate revenue from advertising on the site and affiliate links – this is re-distributed within the communities – none of the Punks involved have ever financially profited from the website nor have any intention to do so!

We have a right to choose not to side, and we have a right not to allow people to bash other people within our own Arcade Punks community, albeit Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter or any other methods of discussion within our own confines. Please respect that is our only wish.

We will continue our quest to get retro gaming to as many people as possible, without the need to sign up, obey silly group/forum rules, nor portray that we are “scene gods” and without the need to pay or subscribe.

We are always looking for people to help out from editors, authors, uploaders, creators and whatever you can bring to the Arcade Punks table!


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