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  1. Hmmm, Fen is NOT working at all, same with a friend who just called me to see if it was just him. The Crew and Exodus have 3-5 results with NO streams available. It's funny because Fen was just working a few days ago. I've been having few available streams with Exodus so I had uninstalled it, but just installed tonight. You are correct that if it does have many streams you do have to work through most of them to find one that works, example, I did get The Invisible Man to work, but I was just testing as I have already seen it. This is beginning to blow big time. And, btw, you advertise IP Vanish, which I got, but it does not recognize my android box and I cannot install it…any suggestions anyone?

  2. Siri is bro I appreciate the effort but took me one hour to download all these add-ons another hour to click everyone of them different kind of movies I managed to get only one working one movie in one hour I might be do in something wrong if not this big waste of time