How to Setup the Best Firestick Ethernet Adapter and Improve Speeds

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The following guide will show you how to set up the best Firestick Ethernet Adapter to improve your download speeds.
You will find a video tutorial below that walks you through step-by-step on how to connect a Gigabit Firestick Ethernet Adapter in minutes!

Gigabit Firestick Ethernet Adapter – Video Tutorial

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Buffer-free Playback & Faster Downloads

Many Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Box users often connect an Ethernet adapter to their streaming device for a more reliable connection and faster download speeds.
You may notice that you get approximately the same download speeds through Ethernet as your Wi-Fi connection on the Amazon Firestick 4K due to the premium wireless chip that Amazon uses within their streaming devices.
Although speeds may be close to the same, Ethernet provides a more stable and reliable connection than WiFi.
Download speeds with Firestick Ethernet Adapter
Due to the distance of your streaming device from your router, you will likely experience a speed increase through direct use of an Ethernet connection if your home provides Ethernet jacks in the walls.
Or, you can connect directly to an available Ethernet port on the back of your wireless router if it resides close to your streaming device.
most will likely experience a speed increase through direct use of an ethernet connection if your home provides ethernet jacks in the walls.
Although Amazon does sell their own Firestick ethernet adapters, the maximum download speed can only reach 100 Mbps.
I suggest that you look into the UGREEN Gigabit Ethernet Adapter that supports Gigabit speeds, which is 10 times faster than the Amazon adapter.
Since we’re connecting the Ethernet adapter to the device via USB, it’s important to note that you probably won’t reach the 10X speed increase.  I personally get 200 Mbps more speed on mine than the standard adapter sold by Amazon.
Also, to realize these speeds, you must have a connection that supports these speeds through your Internet Service Provider.
Don’t forget that you only need 8 Mbps download speed to stream 1080p videos and 25 Mbps to stream 4K.  Anything more than that is usually overkill and won’t help you steam better.
For those of you streaming from Real-Debrid links, you may need extra speed due to the torrent files not being optimized for playback.
Download speeds you get with Firestick Ethernet Adapter
This UGREEN Ethernet adapter also provides three USB 3.0 ports so you can connect other devices such as a flash drive, keyboard, or anything that connects via USB cable.
Firestick Ethernet Adapter with 3 USB 3.0 Ports
There is also a newer model of the UGREEN Gigabit Ethernet Adapter available which you can find here – UGREEN RJ45 Ethernet Adapter
This works especially well with my MECOOL KM3 Android TV Box since this device comes with the typical 100 Mbps Ethernet port and not Gigabit.
Plus you now have two additional USB ports to use with your MECOOL KM3 Box.
Important Note: If you are using an Amazon Firestick you will need an OTG Cable to connect the Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, which we show in the video above.

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Can you connect Firestick to Ethernet?

Yes. We show you how to connect a Firestick to Ethernet in this guide using a Firestick Ethernet Adapter.

What does a Firestick Ethernet Adapter do?

Using an Ethernet Adapter on your Firestick will likely increase your download speeds for a better streaming experience.

What is the best Firestick Ethernet Adapter?

After testing several adapters, we found the UGREEN Gigabit Ethernet Adapter as the best option.

Do I need an Ethernet Adapter for my Firestick?

While using an Ethernet Adapter for your Firestick is not required, it is recommended for faster download speeds.

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