Duplex IPTV – is it still the best IPTV on the LG C9 OLED?

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  1. Thanks for video. I'm a seasoned IPTV user & presently use my nvidia shield to watch on my LG WebOS smart TV using OTT Navigator (rather than through the LG TV). However as my sister did not have a TV box or andriod box I tried to use Duplex directly on her LG WebOS TV & I agree like you I love the interface but unfortunately the streams just kinda run in slow motion & unwatchable. Maybe a codec thing with the streams on lg tv (as VOD movies work fine?), Im kinda unsure – gonna try a different temp provider to see if it resolves the issue. Tbh I dont mind the "subscription model" as long as it works & I like it. But i certainly agree with you that a one off purchase is my preferred method. OTT Navigator is also subscription based & Im very happy with it on all my andriod/andriod TV devices – but its not available directly on Smart TVs. My sister was using Smart IPTV (as you'll no doubt know, another device locked subscription app) but the interface is awful & that now has issues. Anyway cheers buddy 😉

  2. Help please. When I click on a list, I just see the list of channels, rather than "Live Channels", "Movies" etc. So I don't have a preview for my channels anymore. Are there specific tags you need to put in the playlist so that it supports the live preview? Thanks.

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