MECOOL KM3 Review – Unbiased Review with Both Good & Bad

This MECOOL KM3 Review was written by Troy from KODIFIREIPTVafter using the Android TV Box on a regular basis for one week.
This streaming device was provided free of charge to KODIFIREIPTVby MECOOL.  However, this review is unbiased and you will see that I point out both the good and bad regarding this Android TV Box.  MECOOL did not have access to this post prior to publishing.


The MECOOL KM3 is an Android TV Box running the true Android TV 10 operating system.  Yes, there is a difference as most generic Android TV Boxes run stock Android and not Android TV.
Read about the differences between Android TV and Stock Android here
MECOOL refers to the KM3 as an Android TV Google certified TV box due to the fact that it integrates nicely with Google features such as voice control and Google Cast.
As with the other generic Android TV Boxes, this does not support Netflix out of the box but surprisingly it does support Amazon Prime Video in HD quality!
The MECOOL KM3 comes in two different configurations that you can choose from when ordering.
They offer one with 64GB of internal storage and one with 128GB of internal storage.
The model that MECOOL sent to me was the 64GB “COLLECTIVE” model which provides plenty of storage for my needs.
The KM3 was first released in 2019 with Android TV 9.0 and the new COLLECTIVE model includes Android TV 10.0.  From the sounds of things, if you have the 2019 model, you can update to Android 10.0 through their OTA update tool.
When I examine the specs, the only difference that I see in this new COLLECTIVE model is that it’s running Android TV 10.0 as opposed to 9.0.  So, if you purchased this device in 2019, don’t buy this new model.  Instead, just update the Android OS through the update tool.
I like the fact that they are keeping this popular Android TV Box in their lineup.  It’s impossible to keep up with some of these distributors that launch a new product ever few months.  I say stick with what works and keep making it better over time.
4K Video on MECOOL KM3

MECOOL KM3 Features at a Glance

Runs Android 10.0 on Amlogic S905X2, with high speed and smooth performance, which is designed to turn your regular TV into a smart one.
The Google Cast allows you to enjoy entertainment on big tv screen through a wide array of devices like a tablet, smartphone or laptop. It’s just tap and go.
Voice command capabilities which means you can just talk into the remote instead of punching down instructions. Simply press the voice control key to activate the voice command feature.
Equipped with an impressive 4GB of DDR4 RAM which means plenty of space and high-speed performance.
Enjoy an H.265 supportive, Mali-G31 MP2 decoding graphics processor, which provides user with professional image processing.
2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi offers dual-band support. It also comes with integrated connectors like USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The Bluetooth 4.1 adapter is worth a mention as well.
Equipped with 100M LAN Interface for unfettered internet surfing.
HDR support, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality and super clear 4K images with the option to add subtitles to any type of video content that you’re watching.
Smart breathing light function which flashes red when the device is in hibernation or standby mode. And it flashes blue when it’s turned on.
Small in size which makes it easy to place anywhere in your house.
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MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options

MECOOL KM3 Running Android TV 10.0

The Android TV operating system is meant for televisions and it’s great to see MECOOL embrace this.
Android TV is notably found on the NVIDIA Shield and TiVo Stream 4K as well.
Most of the generic Android TV Boxes run Stock Android and the apps aren’t optimized for the TV screen.  Yes, we can side-load some of them onto those devices but Android TV Google Play Store provides access to all applications meant for the Television.
The inclusion of Android TV into its boxes is what makes this device shine in my opinion.  You get many of the benefits of the NVIDIA Shield at a much lower price.
KM3 Voice Search
If you’re a Google Home user, this device will integrate fabulously with that as well.
Google Home
Google Cast is supported so you can easily push the contents on your phone, tablet, or computer to the big screen.
Chromecast Support

Expand Internal Storage

Due to the large internal storage on the MECOOL KM3, there probably isn’t a need to expand internal storage but I still wanted to see if it worked.
I first enabled Developer Options by going into Settings / Device Preferences / About / clicked the Build menu item 7 or 8 times.  I then went back one screen and into Developer options where I enabled “Force allow apps on external”.
Developer Options
I then inserted a 256GB SandDisk 3.0 USB Drive into the unit and formatted as internal storage and it worked exactly like it would on the NVIDIA Shield.  Great news!
From now forward, all applications that I install will be added to the USB drive.  I can also go into each application through settings and move apps to and from the USB drive if I would like.
We can achieve this same feature with the Fire TV Stick 4K but the process is less than ideal.
When I go into Apps under the Settings panel, I can also indicate whether it should run off internal or external storage.  I typically run apps that require more resources on internal storage such as my VPN and Kodi.
Expand Internal Storage on MECOOL KM3

Netflix & Amazon Prime Video

Most generic Android TV Boxes don’t support HD video in either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.
Thankfully, Amazon Prime Video works in full HD on the MECOOL KM3.  As expected, the Amazon Prime Video experience is better on the Fire TV devices but at least it works on this system.
MECOOL Amazon Prime Video
Netflix does not currently work but there are some APK files floating around that can be side-loaded to bring 1080p HD video through this application.
I did try the above APK that I’m linking to and it did work but I needed a wireless keyboard with a virtual mouse to use the application.  The application is built for phones and tablets, not the TV.
It’s important to note that the MECOOL KM3 is not Netflix certified and the above APK is a hacked version of the app.  We don’t know how long the app will continue working.
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MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options

Side-loading Applications on the MECOOL KM3

I used the KODIFIREIPTVApp with the Rapid App Installer and installed all of the most popular APKs and my favorite IPTV service.
Everything worked great with no problems whatsoever.
The Amlogic S905X2 processor does an excellent job playing HD quality video, including 4K content.
KODIFIREIPTVrapid app installer
Get the Free KODIFIREIPTVRapid App with Rapid App Installer


I paired my NVIDIA Shield game controller with the MECOOL KM3 and tested some of the more popular games.
I didn’t experience any lag and the game performance was excellent on this Android TV Box.
The ability to expand internal storage (mentioned above) should appeal to gamers if they run out of space to hold all of their games.
One game can quickly reduce your storage by 1 GB or more.

MECOOL KM3 Download Speeds

I used Analiti Speed test app for the following tests.
I have 1 GB Fiber download speed plan through my Internet Service Provider.
During the WiFi tests, I am connected to the 5Ghz band on my Asus AC3100 Router.  This router resides in the same room as my MECOOL KM3 (approximately 20 feet away from wireless router).
I’m using Quad VPN as my VPN on Chicago Server 04 (chi-a04).
MECOOL KM3 Speed Test
VPN On: Download = 58 Mbps & Upload = 50 Mbps
VPN Off: Download = 96 Mbps & Upload = 88 Mbps
VPN On: Download = 66 Mbps & Upload = 39 Mbps
VPN Off: Download = 252 Mbps & Upload = 103 Mbps
Note: Higher speeds on WiFi is due to Ethernet port limited to 100 Mbps speeds.
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MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options
Wireless Adapter


OS: Android 10.0 Pie ATV
CPU: Amlogic S905X2 Quad core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU
ROM: 64/128GB
WiFi: Built in 2.4G&5G 2T2R WiFi Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: BT4.2
LAN Ethernet: 10/100M
LED Indicator: Smart breathing light
DRM: Support microsoft playready, google widevine L1
HDCP: Support HDCP2.2
HDR: Supports HDR10+, HDR10, HLG and Technicolor HDR processing
OTA: Support OTA update
Certified: Google Certified
Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. 24 languages
Machine Size/Weight: 100X100X17.5mm / 130g
Packaged Size/Weight: 410X355X282mm / 535g
Included in the box: 1 Adapter,1 Gift Box,1 Vioce remote,1 HDTV Cable,1 User Manual
MECOOL KM3 Smart Breathing Light

What I Like

Android TV Operating System
Large internal storage for both models
Plays 4K video smoothly
Powerful CPU
Bluetooth remote control, not cheap IR remote
Expanding internal storage works excellent
Fast download speeds with VPN on & off
Excellent price
Supports Amazon Prime Video in HD

What I Dislike

Netflix HD not supported (not certified)
Ethernet Adapter only 10/100M
Shipping takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to United States from MECOOL but is worth the wait in my opinion.
Limited support
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MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options

Final Thoughts on the MECOOL KM3 Android TV Box

MECOOL is my favorite generic Android TV Box manufacturer.
I can probably stop calling them “generic” due to the fact that they are now using certified Android TV operating systems!
Would I purchase the KM3 if I was a heavy Netflix user?  No.
Most KODIFIREIPTVfollowers aren’t Netflix users due to the numerous free streaming applications that are available so this shouldn’t be a problem.
The NVIDIA Shield is still considered by many cord cutters to be the best streaming device on the market but it comes with a hefty price tag.
This is one of those devices that provides many features of the NVIDIA Shield without breaking the bank.
MECOOL sells additional models such as the KM1, KM8, KM9, and others.  I personally wouldn’t upgrade to this new box if one of their other models is working well for you.
The main features that sets this one apart from the others is the large internal storage and Android TV 10.0.
The common question that I often receive is whether I would purchase this instead of a Fire TV Stick 4K.  The answer is yes.  This device can be better customized and provides more internal storage and power than the Amazon products.  But, the Fire TV Stick 4K also costs approximately $40 less than the MECOOL KM3.

Purchasing Options

MECOOL has instructed me to point customers to their official Website for ordering.
As stated above, shipping takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to the United States.
If you need it quicker, I would suggest searching both Ebay and Amazon but you will probably pay a much higher price if you do that.
When you purchase through our links we may receive a commission of the sale at no additional cost to you.  Your support is greatly appreciated and I thank you!
As of this post here are the prices for each model.
4GB 64GB – $89.99
4GB 128GB – $104.39
Use coupon code KODIFIREIPTVat checkout for 10% discount.
MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options
Do you own a MECOOL KM3?  Tell us what you think of this Android TV Box in the comments section below.
I rate the MECOOL KM3 4.7 stars out of 5

Our Score

MECOOL KM3 Google Certified

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