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  1. Very bad customer service!! They cutoff service even after i paid for a full month. I simply posted a whole section went down and they decided take down post immediately so others don't see. Save your money and go somewhere else. Here is the whole conversation that i am copying is their discord group to get help:
    djprimemToday at 6:57 PM

    what is going on in Sports NBA section.. it is definitely not my internet, device, etc..

    yea, but been like this for weeks

    Etipps1Today at 6:58 PM

    Watch game on alternate channels

    All games are available

    djprimemToday at 6:58 PM

    i know.. but trying to find is headache.. what is NBA section for then?

    Etipps1Today at 6:59 PM

    It is being worked on

    No eta on when it will be back up

    djprimemToday at 6:59 PM

    someone needs to get fired then. Been too long

    Etipps1Today at 6:59 PM

    Live Sports TV Listings Guide My Sports

    What sports are live on TV today? Live TV sport guide for more than 75 countries worldwide. My Sports

    Use this website to find the channels to the games you looking for

    This is not an urgent issue the games are all available

    On the correct channels that everyone else with traditional cable is watching them on

    djprimemToday at 7:01 PM

    it is issue when all games rarely work in that section

    Etipps1Today at 7:01 PM

    The games are available on the correct channel

    No issue exist

    djprimemToday at 7:02 PM

    asking someone to look into other countries for programs is bad

    i am looking in correct section

    Etipps1Today at 7:03 PM

    Clearly you don't understand

    The game is on tnt

    djprimemToday at 7:04 PM

    when i post these . people will understand

    wait till we see 3 NBA games being played at once.. you will see

    Etipps1Today at 7:05 PM

    You will banned if you say or do anything disrespectful in chat

    djprimemToday at 7:05 PM

    i am simply posting non working channels.. and also in this case a whole section.. I dare u to ban me..

    Etipps1Today at 7:05 PM

    All nba games are on their correct channels

    Try me

    djprimemToday at 7:06 PM

    so you are threatening me now??

    Etipps1Today at 7:06 PM

    @djprimem not at all you're telling me you dare me to ban you

    djprimemToday at 7:07 PM

    no didnt..

    Etipps1Today at 7:07 PM

    I definitely will if you continue to be disrespectful

    You just i dare you to be ban me

    djprimemToday at 7:07 PM

    how am i being disrepectful??

  2. I've been using this app for a while and couple of my local channels, especially the "Marquee sport net" channel plays for a while then stops. After I reset the channel I get a message saying "channel not available". Can this be fixed please!?!?

  3. Great video thanks for your help with Apollo Iptv but I'm looking for a few more channels 24/7 and movies or vod and if possible a total count of channels 4000 to 10000 range and choice of adult free service or with the option of them taking out that option as I want yo havre a family friendly service that everyone can watch and I can feel good about recommending to family and friends and business contacts if I choose to resell or do a affiliate program with the service. Also with the price range from about 8.00 to 12.00 per month with at least 3 connections upto 5 preferred unlocked but if not it's ok as within the next month I need to get my choices for a service to 3 and maybe if the service is good do a reseller or affiliate program with them as well. What I'm asking from you is your top 3 to 5 services tha I can pick from that fit into those options looking forward to your reply thanks again for your help and great videos

  4. I'm sorry to say, be careful when dealing with Apollo TV , very poor customer support after numerous emails with no replies and I requested my $15 refund and I am still waiting for either the replies or refund…never will deal with Apollo again. Be careful Thank you

  5. Can u show us how the mlb sections look?
    Right now is all about sports and I'm sure me and alot of others will like to see the layouts of the sports.
    I'm looking for a service that displays whose playing not just blank squares saying mlb.
    Haven't yet found a service displaying the logos of the teams playing .anyone know a service tell me which one. I appreciate the help

  6. By far the best IPTV out there and I have tested many with trials, no IP lock, picture quality is true HD and 4K, minimal buffering like they said but then again I have the Nvidia Shield and my ISP provides me with 100Mpbs speed and I don't experience buffering and PPV and sports event have been perfect for me.
    5 connections, no lag or loading waiting times, channel Icons are superb, EPG is reliable and has EPG for other countries other than USA, Canada and UK, such as Germany, Africa, Australia, Brazil, France, India, Israel, Italy, Latino, Netherlands,Romania, Russia,
    Portugal, Nordic, please show me if any IPTV has EPG for those channels. Tivimate, only drawback is it doesn't provide xtream codes and for those that like Adult content it doesn't do it.
    VOD has fantastic series content a large movie library.
    Offers Telegram support and discord, they give you the option to request a channel that you like that's not there and it's added the same day, tell me what IPTV can do this and more?
    I love Carribean channels, the picture quality is hands down the best, if the channel has wrong content in it, I tell them and they fix it.
    Easy to sign up and no faffing around when it comes to renewing, you are provided with the same username and password you were given for trials and when you purchase as a full member you get your content in seconds.
    The team watch channels like a hawk as soon as a channel buffers they take it down and replace it with a reliable stream, it uses M3u8 lists instead of TS.
    TS is reliable for recording because its compressed, but because its compressed its picture quality is compromised so that's why Apollo use M3U8. You can record using Tivimate but the drawback is you would need a ridiculous massive external drive to do this.looks awesome in tivimate.

  7. I am truly loving apollo group iptv. It never buffers, and I can flip channels so fast with absolutely no lag, and just as fast as cable or satellite. My only complaint, is not being able to change the font size on "Live TV" or "TV Guide". Other than that, this has been the best iptv service I have tried yet, and I have tried several, from Area51 to Kemo iptv, which now sucks.

  8. I've been looking for good iptv subscriptions all week and apollo is the most reliable one of em all. It may not have all the channel u want but what they have works. The only reason I can't stay with em cause they has no adults, 24/7 and vods and their customer service good they reply to u as soon as u contact them