This is my 6 month review of Net TV. This is a paid IPTV service for $24US/month and they offer packages up to 3 months in length. I keep going back to this service for the updated VOD and 800+ HD channels. You get 5 connections with this service with no IP lock. Pay via Paypal and receive your credentials within minutes! You also get access to major North American sports such as NBA, NFL, NHL, etc. as well as PPV. There is an adult section as well which has a security code so there is no unauthorized use. This service uses the latest LenoxMP apk which is downloadable from their website. You can also view this service from their website using any browser, or use your Android devices such as Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire Stick, Android phone or tablet, Android box, or iOS devices including Apple TV. They also feature 24/7 support and have a live chat on their webpage.

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/Plus live chat on their website

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  1. What would be the best beside this one for North America if you would like to get Europeans also with the least best no buffering one????????…..Which one is the best without no Buffering?? I took one of your recommendation it was for $16mo. but way to much Buffering have 14 days left(I get better resorts with free players..)…………

  2. Not sure if your paid by Net Tv but the app SUCKS on both iPad n Firestick it will freeze! I had my cousin try it also and yup it’ll freeze even after their so called update. I checked MANY customer reviews and yup they all had the same issues freezing and also it will kick you out to the home screen be it your Firestick or phone. So why not inform viewers of these KNOWN ISSUES with this app? Glad I only gave them 24 a month ustvgo is free tv and I have other apps from movies

  3. I have been using this for 2 weeks now , and I want to give my honest review. Let’s start with the app for iOS devices. Live TV does not work it freezes after 1 min. Movies do work fine on all devices. Now with Fire TV live TV it does work mediocre. Some channels can freeze up from time to time. Also if you want to know what you are watching most of the time it show the right info, but sometimes it will say something else is playing which is incorrect or it will say NA. I do like the fact you can use 5 devices, but the only devices that will work are fire devices. I read the reviews on google and android are always freezing. I have spoke to the company about all these issues and they said they are fixing them. Let’s hope that is correct. Overall it is a nice service, but like the saying goes you pay for what you get.