Strix App is an all in one media application to watch movies, tv shows, live tv channels, sports and so on.
The application is 6 Mb in size, and it can be installed on many types of devices, as mentioned above.
Unlike many other apps, Strix apk is available on the official Google play store so that users can directly get it to their android devices.

Those days that you spent a lot of money on movie tickets and premium streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and so on are over.
Because you can get the same experience in the Strix apk and you do not have to pay any money to use the application.
Further, when it comes to convenience in using this app, It allows you to stream all your favourite contents in your mobile device as well so that you do not have to stay in the home to watch the next episode of your favorite tv series.

Because you can watch all of them on the go.

It does not matter where you are in. You may be travelling on the train, by bus or taxi. All you need is an android device with an internet connection.
With that, you are all set to watch free movies and tv series while you are travelling with Strix Apk.

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