Thank you to all my fans for all the birthday wishes on Facebook and Instagram!! You guys made my birthday super special!!! I love you guys and thank you for all the support!! Stay safe, stay healthy, HECK YEAH!!!

FYI : All gifts were properly sanitized before making any contact.

Music : Tranquility – Prod. by Riddiman

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  1. Happy birthday I'm sorry with late comment Hope your year be better! I also have autism (high functioning) and have a brother also has autism with low functioning autism. Watching you sing have me inspired showing the world anyone can do it no matter what they have.

  2. oh my gosh this is beautiful, I recently found out my son is autistic and you make me smile so much, you are an inspiration for parents who are dealing with and processing a new diagnosis the joy in you makes me feel like my son will have an amazing life too. Thank you x love from Australia.

  3. Kodi your amazing i have a mix of disorders the worst ones is bipolar and severe anxiety plus hyper active disorder and post dermatitis dermatic dermatic disorder i what to be a country singer so bad wish I had a studio to record in I'm awesome at Luke combs Josh turner garth brooks