Global Entertainment was an iptv provider in the UK who recently got shutdown. Now police let users know they have logged users ip addresses and leave a message that could worry many.
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:38 What’s your thoughts?
00:45 Apologising about my hair
01:20 Articles about the IPTV Shutdown
02:50 Avoid your IP Address being logged
03:24 Has the service been shutdown by authorities or the providers?
04:25 A speech from FACT chief executive
05:20 My opinion on the logging of ip addresses
05:50 Outro

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  1. Do not use a free VPN. I repeat, do NOT use a free VPN.

    You are the product. Your data is what is paying for their servers. If you value your data and privacy (only reason you'd use one) then use a paid service with no data logging.

  2. Hi Freetech Guy, is there anyway I can contact you at all in private messaging or emailing you?, has i could really do to get in touch with you mate concerning firestick 2nd generation, and android boxes, I need some much needed advice mate. If its possible, can you contact me. Best Regards Mike. 👍😉👍

  3. Logging IP Addresses is a dead end catch the packets and get the MAC address is a much better identifier of a specific machine. Unless you are running WPA3 most router can be hacked and the fact it’s your IP does not mean it was your PC.
    It is as some of us know possible to spoof a MAC address but how many people go to those lengths.
    Just get a decent VPN and use it that’s my advice. And not just for IPTV but browsing email etc. It makes sense.

  4. On search I found on the usa

    Watching a stream of unlicensed movies, TV and sporting events is legal. Any discussion of the legality of streaming in the U.S. begins with the Copyright Act of 1976. … And watching a stream — even if it's unauthorized by the copyright holder

  5. I live in west London. Trust me the police have more serious things to deal with than someone frozen on a Saturday night.
    however you find near me. if they can make a quick easy buck like giving out fines to motorists they jump on it.
    so maybe they will see fining users in the future as a cash cow.

  6. We’ve known of these Kodi issues for years. It’s not Kodi who are responsible for any kind of illegal streaming as Kodi is just a media streaming platform or player. However, it’s the third party apps or plugins you chose to install that give you these piracy problems. Should you buy a previously configured android TV box from your provider, with Kodi pre installed, hosting third party apps that give you access to so called free content and in most cases some kind of IPTV subscription, then you maybe liable for prosecution regardless using a VPN but,,,,, they have your name, address and whatever else you signed up for, like bank details and WHAT else is going on with your IP! Always use a VPN and read the small print from these kinds of services and boxes. (This was all the same on the turn of Kodi 16 and they tried to ban Boxes. TV boxes 20 years ago were kind of frowned upon because of a simple media player called Kodi!) No more to say on this subject and neither do they.

  7. with this lock down ipvanish not been working as good as it been before on iptv on live football and all the box office channels been buffering very bad so i have change my ipn, i wont say what name it is because people will get it but now i dont get any buffering if people know i useing a very good vpn then it will become bad as ipvanish

  8. If I have time to watch sport, ie cricket.. my way of looking at it is that if I choose to watch it on SKY Cricket then I could be in trouble.. but what it I was to stream from, for example Fox sports (non English) then what? What if it’s broadcast as ‘free to view’ in that country?